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Anonymous, 02:05, 2016-10-13: You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post. afcagdakddbe
Anonymous, 09:35, 2016-07-31: i found this site googling for the upcoming election in palm beach county 2016 .. and i for one am sick of the lying and the corruption going on in this country ! i was blind and i trusted the people that i now know they blow smoke up my a** ! i'm done
Anonymous, 16:22, 2016-04-25: Gossip extra did give the correct web address pbsotalk.ru but the incorrect link.
Anonymous, 16:20, 2016-04-25: Gossip extra wrote an article and posted a link to the old pbsotalk.com. (I'm sure by mistake as they gave the new address. )I clicked it, but I realized there was no new posts. They stated in the article along with a screen shot your new address was pb
Anonymous, 12:07, 2016-03-17: unable to register at your forum

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