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About the PBSOTalk Wiki

Welcome to the PBSOTalk Wiki, exposing the Culture of Corruption within Palm Beach County. This page is a spinoff of the PBSOTalk web forum, a duscussion forum that lets deputies of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office discuss problems and corruption in the department with absolute anonymity. Palm Beach County is a cesspool of corruption, starting with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

In 2012, Jim Donahue, a nationally-published author on law-enforcement-related safety and technology matters, stated “Ric Bradshaw is one of the ringleaders of one of the most corrupt public organizations in the country. I have seen what has gone on in Palm Beach County and recognize that in that county there is a level of corruption and dishonesty that puts the Chicago political machine to shame. In fact, it’s the kind of people in power in Palm Beach County that are the kind of people my dad fought in WWII to defeat. They are threatening the very fabric of our republic.”

This Wiki is contributed to by many watchdogs and citizens tired of corruption, crime and back-door deals by the elected and appointed officials in Palm Beach County and the local municipalities. 

With that being said, major agencies in Palm Beach County include:

This is how Detective Kenneth Mark Lewis, who andwers directly to Sheriff Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Gauger, feels about the Freedom of Speech of the people, and what they will do to people to engage in the protected speech. The judge he is talking about is Judge Marni Bryson of Palm Beach County.


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