Robert Van Reeth, Major, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Major Robert A. Van Reeth
Image Name: Robert A. Van Reeth

DOB: 08/12/1954
Position: Major, Internal Affairs
Location: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Address: 30 Whispering Oaks Cir
City: West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

Comments: Van Reeth (left), shown with his underage son, friends and a cocaine-snorting prostitute

Robert A. Van Reeth is the major of the Internal Affairs Division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. His wife, Laurie Van Deusen, is the god mother of Gunner Miller, the (bastard??) child of Det. Victoria Miller. Some suggest that Major Van Reeth used his position to hide the fact Victoria Miller was having an affair with Sgt. Michael Custer on the property of Seth Adams when Adams was killed by Custer late at night.

Major Van Reeth is no stranger to questionable ethics and behavior. In 2012, photos emerged of what is said to be a drug and prostitute fueled golfing event, where Major Van Reeth was photographed with a naked prostitute on a Palm Beach County golf course. This prostitute was witnessed snorting vials of Cocaine during the event and was later witnessed by the event's bartender to be providing blow jobs to the various men at the golfing event.

When the photos emerged, Sheriff Bradshaw stated he could not regulate what employees of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office did on their own time, a position he took only when his friend, Major Robert Van Reeth appeared in these photos.

His son, shown in the photo in the yellow shirt, was allegedly 17 at the time this photo was taken, making Major Van Reeth a felon that, by all standards in the State of Florida, should be a registered sexual offender. Following in his father's unwaveringly-ethical footsteps, his son is now a deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

In the photo, From right to left: MajorVan Reeth of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affair’s Division, his son underage son, Jeffrey Van Reeth, (who is now of age and works for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office), Joe Van Reeth of the West Palm Beach Police Department and Lou Penque of the West Palm Beach Police Department (also serves at the PBA Union treasurer). Special thank you to Gino DiFonzo for providing us with these photos that he took.

THe reaction on PBSOTalk.com was actually pretty funny. Comments like:

This is taken completely out of context, this woman was playing a round of golf when a gator attacked her, (no it was not Tim Tebow, so don’t comment with juvenile jokes) tore off her clothes and was about to do bodily harm to her until these brave men came to her rescue.


As a cop, and a frequent poster of this website, I condemn this behavior. They should all have their certifications pulled and be indicted. This behavior is not excusable.


Hey Bobby – you get your kid a blowjob out of this? You should get the ‘dad of the year’ award. sick pervert.


This is shocking. it makes me wonder about those condoning this behavior. the Sheriff said these officers are free to do what they want in their private lives. really? that is your view on this? no wonder our county is so F’ed up.


Even a parody video was made from the event.


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