Ric L. Bradshaw - Sheriff, Palm Beach County, Florida

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw leads the Culture of Corruption in Palm Beach County. Forced out of the Marine Corps with a questionable dischagre status, he stole a gun from the evidence locker when he was the Chief of the West Palm Beach Police Department.

Most recently, he has been in constant scandal with his coverup of shootings, such as the shooting of Seth Adams, a young man who was gunned down in his yard by Sgt. Michael Custer, who was on the property owner very suspicious circumstances. He wlso caught lying in sworn documents about having no knowlege of the shooting of Jeremy Hutton. According to GossipExtra.com:


Last year, Bradshaw signed two sworn, notarized affidavits saying he knows nothing about the case, wasn’t briefed about the case and didn’t supervise investigators assigned to the case when PBSO deemed “justified” yet another questionable deputy shooting. Contradicting Bradshaw’s sworn statements, however, PBSO Internal Affairs Major Robert Van Reeth told Hutton’s lawyers in his deposition that Bradshaw had personal knowledge of the incident and was briefed fully about the controversial shooting.



  • Chief Gabbard testified in a sworn deposition that as a Captain, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw was ordering police detectives to falsify their reports in a concerted effort to incarcerate a black man.
  • Sheriff Ric Bradshaw was caught stealing a firearm from the evidence room of the West Palm Beach Police Department. He stole all of the reports and references to the firearm in an attempt to get away with it, only to be caught by the evidence custodian.
  • Sheriff Ric Bradshaw was chided by the Chief for carrying a book containing photographs of a black man who had his testicles ripped out by a police K-9. According to Chief Gabbard, Sheriff Bradshaw carried the book for bragging purposes.
  • Sheriff Ric Bradshaw was successfully sued for discriminating against black employees.
  • In 2005, Ric Bradshaw became the Sheriff of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. In that time, the Sheriff’s budget has ballooned 80% to almost a half billion dollars while services have remained similar.
  • In 2006, Sheriff Bradshaw covered up for a drunken deputy who pulled a gun on two on-duty deputies.
  • In 2008, Sheriff Bradshaw refused to terminate Sergeant Brent Raban, known as the “Belle Glade Punisher.” This deputy was traveling around, beating up black citizens and then posting photographs of their bloody faces on Facebook. He would make racist statements and write things such as, “This guy fell down the stairs,” “Like a good batterer, I know where to hit them to hide the marks” and “I couldn’t beat his ass because his kid was there.” He also bragged that he would use force against minorities and not report it to Internal Affairs. After an investigation that cost the Palm Beach County citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars, the offending Sergeant was found guilty of 11 policy violations. He was demoted and transferred to a predominantly white neighborhood. Two other deputies were terminated, however, they didn’t have fathers whom worked closely with Sheriff Bradshaw like Sergeant Raban did.
  • In 2009, Sheriff Bradshaw used $13,300 of taxpayer money to purchase the gift of replica firearms for the other 64 elected Sheriffs in the State of Florida. Despite four(4) seperate public records requests, the Sheriff lied about this, however, documentation was obtained from the manufacturer of the firearms.
  • In 2009, Sheriff Bradshaw used $89,000 to purchase three(3) BBQ grills, two trailers and send five(5) deputies to transport them. These BBQ grills are used at various functions, including membership drives for the police union that donated $10,000 to the Sheriff’s political campaign.
  • In 2011, the Palm Beach County Commission voted to raise property taxes and stop road projects to cover an increase in the Sheriff’s budget. Sheriff Bradshaw was threatening old people he would have to reduce their services, leaving them vulnerable to violent crime by gang members. That money went to cover the cost of perks for non-essential PBSO civilian employees who are issued unmarked PBSO take-home cars and county gasoline cards.
  • In 2012, Sheriff Bradshaw began taking campaign contributors to various high-end restaurants using his Palm Beach County purchasing credit card. The Palm Beach Post reported at least one of these contributors had ties to an organized crime family.
  • In January 2012, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Burrows was caught stealing narcotics and firearms from another deputy who was dying of cancer. The wife reported this to Internal Affairs, who called Lt. Burrows in for a urine test. Burrows refused, instead calling Sheriff Bradshaw. Sheriff Bradshaw ordered the Internal Affairs Captain NOT to urine test Burrows and an argument ensued. The end result was Burrows was not urine tested and the captain was not working at the Sheriff’s Office a mere two weeks later.
  • In February 2012, Internal Affairs LT. Dean Johnson was arrested for leaking the Burrows story to columnist Jose Lambiet. It was found that the Sheriff had placed another person, Mark Dougan, under criminal investigation because Dougan was instrumental in exposing corruption within Bradshaw’s administration with the web site PBSOTalk.com. Dougan had filed the ethics complaint against Sheriff Bradshaw for his use of his purchasing card to feed his campaign contributors. The Florida Commission on Ethics found that Sheriff Bradshaw’s purchases were outside of the proper performance of his public duties.


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