PBSO's Illegal Hacking

PBSO IA Major Van Reeth (very left) with his kid and a naked prostitute on a public golf course. No discipline from this incident. Shows the integrity of PBSO leadership.
PBSO IA Major Van Reeth (very left) with his kid and a naked prostitute on a public golf course. No discipline from this incident. Shows the integrity of PBSO leadership.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has been engaging in hacking and illegal investigations of political dissidents and journalists for years, yet when they were discovered, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction turned a blind eye to their criminal activities. Not just the creator of PBSOTalk, but also on the radio host of Cop Talk Radio, CLICK TO SEE COP TALK RADIO PAGE, Katie Lagrone's Channel 5 and who attempted to run for Sheriff against Sheriff Bradshaw. The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department? Refused to investigate. The Federal Bureau of Investigation? Refused to investigate. the Security and Exchange Commission? Nothing has been heard from any of these agencies. Crickets. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has received carte blanch from these agencies to do what they want, when they want. The privacy of the People does not matter, as long as the People are not members of judicial or law-enforcement agencies and the hacking was done by a law enforcement agency. The Government has shown its contempt for the American people while showing their bias for their "brothers."

In response, the privacy of these people have also been breached by Russian hackers, and they will see how it feels to be violated.

To read more about the blantant criminal activity, you only need to read a few articles that the Florida State and Federal Government chose to ignore:

Florida Sheriff’s Internal Affairs Investigator Duped Into Revealing All on Secretly Recorded Conversations With Random Woman He’d Never Met

Jose Lambiet: Secret Recordings of Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Detective Reveal Harassment, Computer Hacking, Investigations Into PBSO Critics And Their Families

Perhaps, in the future, the government will hold their own to the same standards as everyone else. To the innocent ones on the list: You may thank Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and his band of criminals, for getting you in this mess. you may also thank your Federal Government for *wink* *wink* looking the other way while they were illegally accessing people's private information. 

  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis talking about arresting fire captain for judge who asked Chief Deputy Michael Gauger for favor and having political enemies raped in their jail:
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis speaking about the dumb blacks running Riviera City and stopping people with color:
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis talking about Dugan investigation. When Dean Johnson divulged far less details to Anne Burke, he was arrested on multiple felonies. Mr. Lewis is divulging sensitive, confidential information on this "investigation" to a complete stranger he met off the internet a few days before.
  • PBSO Special Investigator Mark Lewis talking about investigating Jim Donahue for 2 years and arresting him (Jim Donahue was a political opponent of Sheriff):
  • Remember Mark Lewis, who claimed he was straight as can be? Here he is engaging in insider trading. After Jessica tells him she could get arrested for giving confidential information about an upcoming stock merger, he says it's okay because he likes making money. How much does he like the thought of making money off an insider tip? He spent over $119000,00 on the stock. Don't believe it? Just check out Wells Fargo stock transaction number 35046061 for 37.50 per share. What is that... a $6000 loss? Next time, I think he will not take illegal insider information. Lewis claims he knows Jessica was a fake and he was taking the bait to see what she was doing. Let us play davil's advocate. If someone called you and you thought she was a fraud, then she gave you a stock tip, would you sink $120,000 of your money into that stock? Lewis' excuse for why he said all these terrible things is just as bad as his fraud. To hear Mark Lewis himself talking about insider trading:
  • PBSO contracted hacker Anthony Rodriguez and Special Investigator Mark Lewis speaking about how they hack people and plant digital evidence. As you will hear, it is clearly stated they say they can get around warrants to hack in to people's email accounts, facebook, etc. They also state that if they need the evidence for a crime and they find it hidden, they can digitally plant that evidence somewhere else so it can be found. Chilling stuff. As a rouse, Jessica provided the facebook user Felicia Kandel. Still, this is when they suspected Jessica may not be legitimate person and broke off conversation. To hear the hacking conversations:
  • PBSO, you think your hacker is great but he is amature. Just sit back and watch psychological mindfuck unfold when you mess with БадВолф!
  • To view all the text messages sent between Jessica and Mark Lewis: VIEW HERE!


I urge everyone to read this Open Letter from the PBSOTalk creator, JM Dougan, to explain his views on this matter. CLICK HERE to read the open letter.

DO NOT be a victim of illegal hacking or spying by the government. Visit StopCopSpying.com to find out how to secure all of your computers, mobile devices and communications from these criminals who abuse their authority and the laws they were sworn to uphold.



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