Marni Anne Bryson - Judge, 15th Judicial Circuit, Palm Beach County, Florida

Judge Marni Anne Bryson
Image Name: Marni Anne Bryson

DOB: 05/10/1974
Position: Circuit Court Judge
Location: 15th judicial Circuit
City: Palm Beach County, Florida

Comments: Uses her position to trade favors with others


Judge Marni Bryson is a judge in the 15th Judicial Circuit, known for commissioning the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to engage in illegal, criminal retaliation of defendants who embarrass her.  In return, the top brass at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office gets to have a “judge in their pocket.”

In July 2011, startling revelations came to light that the Honorable Judge Marni Bryson failed to recuse herself after sentencing black West Palm Beach Fire Captain Rick Curtis to jail for a D.U.I.  And why should she have recused herself? Because according to Mr. Curtis, Judge Bryson was having an affair with his inter-departmental rival, who happened to be a union leader for the West Palm Beach Fire Department.

Judge Bryson, embarrassed about the allegations from this defendant in her court, did what any connected judge in Palm Beach County could do (but probably wouldn’t do); she contacted Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s Chief Deputy Michael Gauger, a man who is no stranger to unethical, diabolical and illegal behavior.

The manner in which Chief Deputy Gauger was contacted is questionable. Perhaps he was contacted by Judge Bryson herself. Or, if you believe anything that comes from the mouth of Gauger’s attorney – a man who is suing the creator of PBSOTalk.com for exposing the culture of Corruption within the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office while writing a letter to the Feds about… corruption within the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office – Judge Bryson went to him and he contacted Chief Deputy Gauger directly.
Which doesn’t seem implausible. After all, doing unethical quid quo pro favors in Palm Beach County seems all the rage, right?

Okay, well whatever. One way or the other, the Chief Deputy gets called in like a fucking Mafioso hitman to take care of the problem. And that’s exactly how he operated… like a criminal member of the Mafia.  Chief Deputy Gauger says he’ll take care of the problem.

Detective Kenneth Mark Lewis seems like a nice enough guy; but dumber than dog doo. After all, who else would divulge all their dirty secrets to a woman they’ve never met? And who would engage in insider trading in the amount of $120,000 based on a tip from a woman they’ve never met? Yup… Detective Lewis would. But luckily for Chief Deputy Gauger, Lewis is dumb enough to blindly follow his illegal orders and engage in blatantly criminal activity, trampling the Constitution of the United States on Gauger’s asking. Which naturally makes Det. Lewis an easy target to extract valuable information. And that’s also why his friends think he’s a “dipshit.”

After being specially hired with taxpayer dollars for the job of destroying the man who embarrassed Judge Bryson, Detective Lewis proceeds to use additional taxpayer dollars to travel all over the place, digging in to every aspect of Rick Curtis’ life.  After TWO YEARS of investigation, Detective Lewis comes up with the smoking gun he hopes will secure a conviction against Rick Curtis…

nd the smoking gun was a document Rick Curtis filed to get his job back. According to Det. Lewis, the document he filed in Tallahassee were a product of Perjury. Now, all you legal eagles out there are probably saying, “Wait a moment… Leon County isn’t Palm Beach County. Does Det. Lewis have some special police powers you haven’t told us about?”
And the answer is… no. He’s a Palm Beach County Deputy. And now you are going to ask how on earth he could possibly be prosecuted in Palm Beach County. Well, according to Detective Lewis, the documents were signed in Palm Beach County. Yeah, it can’t get any more thin, right? Actually, it can!

You see, the perjury Detective Lewis attempted to charge Rick Curtis with, was a statement on his form claiming the judge was having an affair with this union boss. And Det. Lewis’ proof this was a lie? Judge Bryson broke it off long ago and there was no longer anything between the two. At the very worse, Judge Bryson was telling the truth, though she should have recused herself. At the best, Rick Curtis was spot on and there was some hanky panky.  After all, how many times have we heard someone deny an  affair after being subject to public embarrassment? But the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Who knows? Maybe the union boss was bragging about banging the hot judge and telling the guys every way she liked it. It’s not out of the realm of possibility… a guy bragging about his conquest. And for all we know, Curtis was probably under the impression it was still taking place. Whatever it was, it probably resulted in a “he-said, she-said” situation that can’t possibly amount to perjury.
The real question is, did Judge Marni Bryson know of this retaliation? Most certainly, she probably did. After all, she had a meeting with Detective Lewis and her assistant told the Palm Beach Post she doesn’t know the topic of discussion. Obviously, Det. Lewis was there to gather as much background information and dirt on Rick Curtis, as well as formulate a strategy to obtain her some vengeance.  If Judge Bryson didn’t wish to engage in it, she could have simply told Det. Lewis not to bother or to drop the incident. I mean really… do you think it’s likely that Chief Deputy Gauger would order Lewis to investigate a guy for two years if Judge Bryson wasn’t a willing participant? Do you think Chief Deputy Gauger would engage in that activity if there was no quid pro quo payment at the end?

To any reasonable, rational person, this entire incident involves a group of morally-bankrupt public servants hell bent on flexing their power and teaching a lesson to anyone who dares to embarrass them or step out of line.

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