Dan Burrows

Sgt. Dan Burrows
Image Name: Dan Burrows

DOB: 05/10/1974
Position: Sergeant
Location: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
City: Palm Beach County, Florida

Comments: Stole guns and narcotics from man dying of cancer

Dan Burrows is currently a Sgt. with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, getting busted down from the rank of LT. after he was caught stealing guns AND narcotics from a man dying of cancer. The story was allegedly leaked by Lt. Dean Johnson, a whistle-blower working in Internal Affairs who was then targeted and incarcerated for not letting Sheriff Bradshaw hide this incident from the public.

Refuses Narcotics Urine Test - Jan 19, 2012

On January 19, 2012, Jose Lambiet at Gossip Extra reported Lt. Dan Burrows Palm Beach County Sheriff‘s Office Lt. Dan Burrows was mysteriously moved from his gig as commander of the high-profile SWAT team. Burrows, 46, a 17-year veteran also assigned to the midnight shift in the Belle Glade district, was allowed to go on leave to take care of a family emergency.

The emergency, Gossip Extra hears, is drug treatment.

“Lt. Burrows was called by Internal Affairs and was asked to take a drug test,” a well-placed source said, “and he refused. It’s pretty unusual for someone to refuse.”

It is unclear at this point whether the test was random or the result of a complaint. The Special Weapons and Tactics squad responds to volatile situations such as hostage situations.

Burrows is also a high-ranking representative of the local police union, the Police Benevolent Association. PBA boss John Kazanjian declined comment.

One PBSO insider who asked not to be named said Burrows’ problem is believed to be strong pain pills, which he once took legitimately for an on-duty injury. Incidentally, one of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s law enforcement efforts has targetted pill mills, illegal clinics that dispense dangerous Oxycontin.

Investigation Leaks Out - Jan 20, 2012

Gossip Extra further reported: The saga of the mysteriously-removed Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office SWAT commander could turn out to be a hot potato for Sheriff Ric Bradshaw in an election year.

A day after Gossip Extra revealed that Lt. Dan Burrows was on family leave to treat an alleged addiction to pain pills, agency officials now say they’ve placed Burrows on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation.

One of the allegations against the 46-year-old Burrows is that he stole powerful narcotics prescribed to a cancer-stricken former deputy whose house Burrows visited shortly before his death!

Burrows, a 17-year veteran, reportedly developed his addiction after using pain killers for an on-duty injury.“Lt. Burrows is the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation and he’s on administrative leave,” said PBSO Spokeswoman Teri Barbera. “And where he possibly obtained drugs is being looked at. Remember, these are just allegations.”

The “rat squad” now has six months to submit its report to the sheriff, who’s up for reelection.The buzz inside the West Palm Beach-based 4,400-member agency, meanwhile, centers on whether Burrows benefited from special treatment because he is a high-profile member of the Police Benevolent Association, the powerful law-enforcement union that is backing the sheriff’s campaign. Several insiders told me Burrows was asked to submit to a drug test but refused — something for which deputies can face immediate dismissal.Union boss John Kazanjian declined comment.Bradshaw, who’s at the tail end of his second term, made of ridding the streets of illegal pain killers one of his goals.

Arrested in Pill, Gun Thefts From Dying Friend! - January 26, 2012

Following the outcry from the reporting from Gossip Extra, The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office had no choice but to arrest Lt. Burrows. According to the REPORT from Gossip Extra:

The former head of the ~~Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office elite SWAT team was arrested by his colleagues today and charged with exploitation of a disabled adult, possession of oxycodone and grand theft of a firearm.

Gossip Extra broke the story last week that Burrows, a high-ranking union representative of the powerful Police Benevolent Association, was quietly removed from SWAT command and entered into rehab for an addiction for pain pills.

Another story revealed the existence of an investigation into how Burrows obtained his drugs: By allegedly stealing them from retired Dep. Mike Collister, 51, a cancer-stricken former Burrows SWAT subordinate and friend whom Burrows often visited.Today’s arrest comes as Sheriff Ric Bradshaw — who’s running for reelection and made of fighting the proliferation of pain killers a focus — faced increasing criticism from his troops for allowing Burrows to go to rehab with no apparent punishment for his actions.

Chief Deputy Mike Gauger, Bradshaw’s second in command, said tonight that the criticism and vitriol was unfair. “We were doing our job all along,” Gauger said. “We were investigating but we don’t feel the need to tell everybody until the job is done. When had enough to charge (Burrows), we had him come in and arrested him.”

According to the arrest report, however, PBSO Det. John Van Houten was ordered to investigate Burrows on Jan. 20 — on the day after the scandal was brought to light in Gossip Extra. Meanwhile, here are the details of what authorities believe Burrows did, according to the arrest report: Longtime SWAT member Collister was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May 2010, according to the arrest report, and died Jan. 10.

As Collister wittered away, Burrows, a friend and colleague of 20 years, allegedly stole more than 100 of Collister’s oxycodone pain killers.Collister’s wife, lawyer Bettee Collister first noticed in early December after a Burrows visit that four of five oxy pills disappeared from a dresser in the couple’s bedroom. After the incident, the Collisters decided to keep Mike’s medicine in a gun-safe in their garage, according to the paperwork.

On New Year’s Eve, however, Bettee Collister says she received a text-message from Burrows, saying he wanted to see Mike’s gun collection. Bettee had to leave the house. Mike was in the care of a relative with instructions not to allow Burrows in the safe.Burrows, however, went into the bedroom where Collister slept, woke him up and allegedly talked Collister into going to the garage to open the safe. The relative said he saw Collister sit on a chair in front of the open safe with Burrows.

When Bettee eventually returned home, she said she found Mike was mentally exhausted and Burrows in the possession of a sniper rifle that belonged to Mike. Burrows said Mike Collister told him he could have it, but Bettee told police her husband had no intention to sell or give away any of his guns.

After Burrows left, Bettee Collister eventually figured out another rifle was missing, as well as 99 Oxycontin and Codeine pills. On Jan. 3, Burrows was taken to a rehab center by friends not identified in the arrest affidavit. He allegedly admitted to having a pain pill addiction for eight years — the years during which he was called to respond to volatile situations at the head of the SWAT squad.

Case Thrown, Burrows Back on the Job

After the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office received the case, they dismissed the most serious charges they knew would stick as a favor to the Sheriff. After all, the members of the Palm Beach County State Attorney Public Integrity Unit are all Bradshaw appointees who retired from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. The one remain charge was a charge that would never stick, so Burrows was found to be "Not Guilty."

Lt. Dan Burrows was reduced in rank to Sergeant and put back on the job at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

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