Cop Talk Radio

Retired Commander Lt. Rick Sessa, Founder of Cop Talk Radio
Retired Commander Lt. Rick Sessa, Founder of Cop Talk Radio

This is the Wiki page for Cop Talk Radio. Cop Talk Radio was started by retired commander Lt. Rick Sessa of the Riviera Beach Police Department. Commander Sessa is currently running for Sheriff in Palm Beach County.

When Richard Sessa started Cop Talk Radio and was critical of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Bradshaw sent people to intimidate and run off his sponsors, or offered government contracts to those that dropped Cop Talk Radio as a sponsor. One such instance was with Palm Beach Harley Davidson. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office held a meeting with the leaders of Palm Beach Harley Davidson and offered them the contract for all of the road patrol motorcycles. The condition? To drop sponsorship of Sessa's show.

Here are some of his shows:

Cop Talk Radio, 03/04/2016

Cop Talk Radio, 02/26/2016


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