An Open Letter from J.M. Dougan

ARTICLE HEREHello readers of this web site. First, let me start off by saying I do not condone these confidential records being released by the public and I had no part in or any knowlege of any hacking that took place to obtain these records. That being said, I want to point out why I don't necessarily condemn what has taken place. And after you read this, feel free to call me at 561 900 62 84.

I was a deputy at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office until I blew the whistle on coruption that was taking place within my unit. It wasn't theft... it was a group of guys going our and beating minorities who were no threat, some whose only crime it was to be black. Not only were they engaging in these horrible civil rights violations, but to add insult to injury, they were posting their deeds on Facebook (CLICK HERE). I attempted to blow the whistle anonymously, however, they discovered my identity and from thereon after, I was subject to six Internal Affairs investigations for any kind of crazy thing they could think of. This included backdating a vehicle accident by 30 days (to comply with policy or else no investigation) and  even writing me up for getting involved in a civil matter, where my involvement consisted of assisting a large pregnant woman get her child's carseat out of the car being repossessed because the was too large to do the task. Ofr course I'm not going to let the seat get repossessed in such a poor area because the child would be riding around in an extremely dangerous manner. 

So of course I resigned and got the hell out of there, but it didn't mean they wouldn't make trouble for me afterwards. They most certainly did.  So I started PBSOTalk.com, a website to expose the culture of corruption in the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. On this site, deputies are free to post with 100% anonymity, so they don't find themselves in my position.  But in doing so, I found myself; my liberty and freedom of speech, in great peril, for these criminals running the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office have done everything in their power to see to my incarceration.  They hired a dedicated staff of people whose only job was to investigate me, and other "troublemakers" that write displeasing stories about the Sheriff. They investigated me in every conceivable manner for four years, leaving no rock unturned.

  • When I came forward to be a witness against a deputy who made certain admissions to me, they hired people to stalk and chase my seperated wife and kids on Easter, leaving them shaken and crying.
  • They attempted to purchase my web site in the amount of $80,000 in taxpayer money and when I refused, they attempted to have me arrested on bribary and extortion charges. 
  • They have blatantly bragged about my investigations, saying they can't get me because what I do is my First Amendment Right, so they are attempting to find anything they can to "sit in their jail, where they can tell me where to eat and sleep," and the fact they want to throw me in with a "big black rapist" when it happens, and "I won't have any choice."
  • They bragged they have breaking in to my Social Media accounts for years to spy on me.
  • They brag that they sit around at night thinking of any way they can get me because I am protected by the First Amendment:

Citizens, these people have torn my life so far apart, they tried to get me on a technicality (a wrong one, mind you) for not checking a box on my FAA Pilot's Medical Certificate. Mind you, these are COUNTY deputies, not federal people, with absolutely no business in FAA matters.

And if you think I'm the only person; you would be wrong. They will target anyone who writes negative articles regarding the coverups in the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. When Channel 5's Katie Lagrone and Palm Beach Post's Lawrence Mower teamed up to write the article series, Line of Fire, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Michael Gauger turned Detective Kenneth Mark Lewis on them to watch their homes and who knows what other spying. In fact, just a few days after the article came out, a mysterious tip came in to the Department of Children and Families in an effort to take Katie Lagrone's kids away (See the GOSSIP Extra article on the issue). Did it result in anything? No, but it sends a clear message to the local media: "Fuck with us, report negative things on us, and we will destroy your lives and families."

Oh, and if you think about running against Sheriff Bradshaw and taking away his power, he'll probably just have his henchman, Investigator Kenneth "Mark" Lewis, arrest you, like he did with 67 year old Jim Donahue, wqho clamined that $18 Million was mysteriously mising from PBSO's technology budget and that he would clean up the corruption. Read that ARTICLE HERE. So yes, they trumped up charges on Mr. Donahue, a very notable and respected author on Law Enforcement topics, and arrested him ON A STAGE in front of hundreds of people.

I have been making complaints about this type of behavior for years, to so many agencies, but Sheriff Bradshaw and Chief Deputy Michael Gauger are very influential through their corrupt power.

  • FDLE? They won't investigate  because he sits on their board.
  • The Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office?  The investigators for the State Attorney's Office are hand-picked deputies by Sheriff Bradshaw and Michael Gauger. They are all in collusion, which is why no bad shootings have ever been prosecuted in Palm Beach County.
  • Florida Commission on Ethics? What a joke. I tipped them off to Bradshaw using his PBSO purchasing card to buy political doners (some with ties to organized crime), Special Agents and even news media managers expensive dinners on the tax payer's dime. Did they take action? Hell no, they said it was disgraceful but "he didn't know it was illegal." Wouldn't that be a nice defense for the rest of the commoners?
  • The FBI? Again, collusion. From what I understand, Ric Bradshaw hired the son of the county's Special Agent in Charge as a favor. Also, remember those expensive dinners?
  • Palm Beach Gardens Police Department? You think they would investigate the hacking to my social media accounts and email? Nope. The 2nd in command at Palm Beach Gardens PD just retired from the Sheriff's Office and is slated to be PBG's next police chief. They flat out told me they weren't investigating the incident.

Which leads to things like this. I said it once; when you commit enough crime against a citizen, that person, or their friends, aren't going to stand for it. And if law enforcement refuses to help, they are part of the problem. If some guy walked up to you and your friends in a restaurant and started illegally punching you in the face, you would defend yourself and your friends would defend you. Then you call the cops. If they show up and find out the suspect is a cop and say to you, "Sorry, he's a cop so we aren't going to do anything," and then they leave and that cop starts punching again, well, then you need to stand up and defend yourself or your friend getting punched, and punch back. And the police that refused to assist because their coworker wears a uniform? Needs to be held accountable.

And this is what is taking place. My friends are holding the police accountable. The justice system accountable. All the officers that look the other way when their friends are out violating the law? Holding them accountable. They are fighting fire with fire and hopefully, enough awareness is made to the public that Law Enforcement... they need to be held accountable when they commit crimes against the public, citizens, and against the Constitution of the United States of America. And hopefully, Law Enforcement will realize they can't just look the other way when things are taking place. They need to hold their own accountable; MORE ACCOUNTABLE than the general public. 

To my friends that have assisted me, I think you very much for being great friends, and doing what good friends feel should be done.

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